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Can I Relax My Hair Immediately After Removing Braids?

Can I Relax My Hair Immediately After Removing Braids? Quick hair tip for the day! Make sure you wait at least 3 days after removing your braids (weave  or box braids)  before you retouch your hair! After having braids in for so long, your scalp is weak and sore and so the cream will burn your poor poor scalp. You might even lose all your hair. It is also not advisable to wash your hair on the same day before you get a relaxer even after you have just taken out your braids and you feel like your hair is filthy!
Last tip try not to wash your hair 1 week prior to getting a relaxer. You should also not go to the salon in the morning, remove your braids or weave, relax your hair and then put another weave in. That is not how it works! I have seen this countless times, ladies come to the salon, take out their weave, relax their hair and then put in another weave immediately.You need to give your hair at least a week to rest and you also need to deep condition your hair so that it regains some strength. If you do that constantly, you are going to end up with no edges or hair in general. I understand that some ladies cannot live without their weaves but if you want some hair for the weave to latch on to, you need to take better care of the hair. Check out my hair care page link is BELOW. I know this seems trivial but I have gotten a whole bunch of questions about this issue! If you have a hairdresser who suggests washing your hair and drying it before retouching it, you better run far far away from her!!  Reference Reference


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