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Get Maximum Wear Out Of Your Crochet Braids

Get Maximum Wear out of your Crochet Braids Hello Ladies! So how's your summer hair care routine going? If you have chosen to wear braid extensions then you are probably  enjoying the break, I know I am!  I've had my Crochet Braids in for exactly 8 weeks.  I am very pleased with how well the braid hair has held up. I am still getting day one compliments! So I thought  I would share some tips on how to get the most out of your Crochet Braid Protective style.   *For those who  may not know what Crochet Braids are it is simply using a latch hook needle to attach braiding bulk hair to previously cornrowed hair.  The first step mimics a sew in weave preparation. Just choose a braid pattern that suits your hair length. Also, I only use synthetic curly bulk braiding hair.     Installing the hair/latch hook needle used Step One: Find a cornrow pattern that you like Step two: use your latch hook needle to feed the bulk braiding hair under the cornrow and  pull over. Secure with your choice of knotting techniques. This installation after braiding takes me about 4 hours. (You tube has countless tutorials showing you how to install crochet braids so check those out!)     A Fresh  Install 
How I care for my Crochet Braids By choosing synthetic curly hair, my style is pretty much set. I literally don't have to do anything to this hair to keep it curly.  Also by choosing a tight curl pattern I get more life out of the style. In my experience, looser curl patterns tend to tangle and mat more. The tighter curls will frizz or get occasional knots on the ends(similar to our natural hair). If I get a knot or too much frizz I simply snip it out.  What I use on the hair: Water, S-curl no drip, or African Royale BRX Braid spray I  use water from my spray bottle in the mornings to break the hair up. I wear my hair bound in a pineapple a night. Just like my real natural hair, this tightly curled hair clumps together. You can also break it up by simply shaking your hair.   I use the S-curl No drip moisturizer to hydrate my natural hair underneath. I  separate the synthetic hair to expose my braids, spray liberally onto my braids and squeeze until I feel it's penetrating the braids.   exposing new growth and braid underneath..  S-curl no drip is primarily water, glycerin, and conditioner. The new formula also has some argon oil in it. It's very moisturizing and I like using it while I'm wearing braids because its light weight so there's very little build up if you use this.  I have also noticed that it helps keep the synthetic hair soft and detangled and does not coat the hair. Its AWESOME!  This has kept my hair looking like new for these 8 weeks.   African Pride BRX. If you use the S-curl no drip.this spray is totally optional it can be used to moisturize your natural braids underneath and it keeps the synthetic hair smelling great! I typically grab this after I've done an ACV rinse or just want to freshen my hair after a work out because it smell really good.  I conditioner-wash every 2 to 3 weeks..when preparing this hair for install I have it soaking in warm water, Apple cider vinegar, and conditioner so I know that I can cleanse my scalp & hair with these ingredients without harming the synthetic hair. (I would avoid using shampoo, it seems to be harsh on the hair.) I typically will use an ACV rinse to scrub my scalp, and then follow up with a co-wash, rinsing it out in the shower. Co-washing these braids seems to bring them alive again! Freshly Washed   I also use an all natural oil mix to massage my scalp, and I can't forget my  favorite The Follicle Mist by Hydratherma Naturals to keep my edges strong! And that's it. Its  really easy to keep these braids looking great, while caring for your own hair.  Short re-cap!   Keep the hair tied up at night, keep your hair and scalp nourished underneath,work out tangles and knots as needed with S-curl no drip moisturizer,Snip when needed, co-wash as needed, shake and Go!  Done!  8 Weeks.. and time to remove Until Next Time!!! I love it. I need a protective style right about now. Do you know how that holds up at the beach and pool? Hey New007 aka as Tia on Youtube right? : ) Thanks for the compliment! I know that these do hold up in beach water.. Chlorine I am not so sure. I don't swim at all. But I frequently add these to my little niece's hair. When she went in the ocean her hair was fine. Then one yearr she went swimming in the pool at a summer camp, came back and her head looked a dry mess. So I don't know if it was because of the chlorine or if she just didn't get the chlorine out of her hair fast enough. She was 15 so that is very possible. Maybe you can do a little test and dunk some strands of your synthetic hair in the pool for several days(unattached to your head) manipulated it etc and she how it does? But, I would think the hardest part about swimming in chlorine with this style is getting the chlorine out of your braids underneath? Hi Chan, What brand and type is the hair that you have installed and how many cornrows did you put on your head? Hello, I used Freetress Bohemian and there were about 14 across the top and an S braid up the back. What is a ACV rinse? My issue is after my sweaty workouts my hair smells sour.Any suggestions to avoid the smell that gets trapped in the braids between my hair washes? Hello Sky! Its Apple Cider Vinegar and water.. 2 table spoons of ACV to 8oz of water. You can try conditioner washes to refreshen or you can do a water rinse and massage your scalp with vatika and lemmon grass oil, if you don't have those oils you can choose any fragrant oil. I love love love!! You make crochet braids look much better than they were a few years ago. Its amazing to see your hair OMG...such an inspiration. I totally need a protective style and some tips.  I chopped mine all off and now I think I may actually aquire the patience to grow this madness out and see how far it will go. I think I'm about to have you on speed dial. :) Hey There Tenitrius!! Thank you so much I love wearing crochet braids they are so easy to install and take care of. Yes you are right it is a lot easier to grow out once you cut all of the relaxed hair off. Transitioning hair tangles like crazy! Sure let me know if you have any questions and as always.. I'll be waiting to hear from you : ) I am so glad I found you. I am 6 weeks in today! I am sooo in love with my hair. I get compliments on it all the time. And the freedom from styling - MY GOODNESS - has been such a huge help. I have to be out the door at 5:45am for work to catch the train. Since I am using public transit and exposed to Mother Nature, I don't have to worry about rainy days, humid days or windy days. I wear it up. I wear it down. I wear half of it up. I smush it under a cap or hat every now and again. It is just too easy!  I am into the hardest part of my marathon training now. My long runs will vary between 12 and 22 miles for the next 6 weeks. Last week was 16. I came home, rinsed my hair with cool water for about 5 minutes. At the base of each braid I added some shampoo and gently massaged my scalp. I ran the suds down the length of the hair and rinsed it again. Added my conditioner & oil mix while in the shower. Then got out and oiled it up nice and good. It takes a while - but the end result is fantastic. I love how my hair has aged and puffed up. So much so that I wish I didn't have to get it re-done. But the new growth has my braids hanging to where they are about to touch my ears! Africa! Oh my goodness I am so excited that you are doing so well with your hair your first time around! and 16 to 22 miles!? smh? My legs and feet are hurting just reading that! OH my goodness Africa that is beyond impressive that this is your fourth marathon! Well I am more than happy to help you keep your hair care simple during this time! Because once you finish all of that running I'm sure messing with your hair is the last thing you want to do! Keep up the good work and I will see you for your next install! Hello Chan....your hair looks great....can you please explain 'co-wash' & clarify what you mean by-- soak in warm water/ACV/conditioned before installing-- I am going to being wearing crochet braids....but I am also on an Insanity kick and will be sweating...I want to keep a healthy scalp..... your page has been the most informative concerning maintanence of the style and for natural hair. Anonymous Said: Hello Chan....your hair looks great....can you please explain 'co-wash' & clarify what you mean by-- soak in warm water/ACV/conditioned before installing-- I am going to being wearing crochet braids....but I am also on an Insanity kick and will be sweating...I want to keep a healthy scalp..... your page has been the most informative concerning maintanence of the style and for natural hair.  -------------- Response: Hello thanks so much for the that compliment! Co-wash is short for conditioner wash. So I mean Washing the hair with conditioner. Soaking the synthetic hair in warm water, conditioner and a little apple cider vinegar removes the alkaline base that the hair is treated in. It's just a way of clarifying the fake hair before putting it in. You lightly swish the hair around and sort of wash it. And then Just let it sit for at least 20 mins in the warm water solution. Afterwards I squeeze the excess water out of the hair before I install it. You can also cleanse your scalp and hair by doing acv rinses and cowashes while wearing the braids. I hope this helped some! Thanks! Hello, I'm from the UK and I love your's so hard to find stylists that do it over here. I searched high and low and am finally getting it installed on Saturday. Once It's done, I'll be back for tips on maintainance. X Hello Chan, Your hair looks great!! What is the best cornrow pattern for crochet braids if my daughter wants to be able to wear a part in the front and also put her hair in a ponytail? Hello Anita, when you say part in the front do you mean a center part or side part. If you cornrow the hair going back the hair can be parted in any direction actually. Side or middle part. If she wants to wear it in a pony tail I've found that longer hair installed atleast past shoulder length(looser texture)will allow it to go into pony tail. I have two corn row patterns that I use. The S braid up the back, and straight back cornrows in the front. OR Straight back cornrows but on a 2:1 Ratio so I sort of braid two cornrows into one big one(on that row)in the back. So for example if you have 10 cornrows in the front you will have 5 in the back and sew down the tails Hi! do you cut the hair before you install it or do you install it at the length that it is?Also, how many pack of hair do you use? Alternative MedicineNovember 14, 2013 at 11:46 AM Even at eight weeks it still looks so fresh. love it. Jossetta Watts-JohnsonJanuary 14, 2014 at 5:14 AM I love all the information that you give here. However, I'm curious to know, does washing your hair with the braids in cause hair to mat when dry? And how would you protect you hair from matting? Hello Josette, No my hair has never matted. I only leave the hair in for a max of 8 weeks. Washing it max of 4 times. I don't wash with anything harsh or that would strip and cause it to dry out. typically just apple cider vinegar and water, or a conditioner wash. ellehaleFebruary 6, 2014 at 3:23 PM Thank you so much. Your articles are by far the most informative. I'm having my crochet braids done in a few days. I think I prefer human hair, any pros/cons for human hair Hello Elle! Thank you so much for reading. Human hair with crochet braids. The biggest con, is that the knots slip easily. The hair is very silky and you have to use very small pieces and maybe even use glue to help the knots stay put. (I have tried a human hair blend and it was okay, still a bit slippery and was more time consuming to install. I also had to use spritz to help the knots stay put?) Also human hair is a little more expensive and with crochets the hair is cut out when you're done with the style. You can't save it? So that is a con for a lot of people. If you prefer Human hair you can try it and see how it works for you. But I typically will suggest that women try tree braids instead of crochets if you are wanting to use a nice human hair.  Pro's for synthetic: I prefer Synthetic hair because it holds the curly style for 6 to 8 weeks and is low maintenance,, it also holds the knots very well. Cons: is depending on which pattern you choose it can tangle on you sooner than you'd like. In my experience the tighter curl patterns last the longest without tangling too badly. Fyi on Human hair. I have seen a couple you tube vids on using Human Hair for crochets and mostly all of them talk about using nail glue to hold the knots. But their hair does look nice? So you'd have to decide if it was worth it to you. Thanks again! AnonymousMarch 4, 2014 at 3:55 PM In the past every time I wash my hair with braids, they fall out or slip off. Will this happen with this style? Anonymous 3/4 at 3:55 P.M. No these don't slip at all because they hair is double looped over the cornrow and then double knotted. I have never lost any hair when washing with crochet braids. Just make sure that the strands you put in are not to thick, the thicker strands tend to slip immediately so you'll know if it has the potential to come out. Is this style able to be placed in a high ponytail? Hello Anonymous on April 10th...Yes it can get into a high ponytail but due to whatever braid pattern you choose it may not be that flattering to look at around the edges without wearing a wide headband. I have seen one ponytail braid pattern for Crochets on youtube you can look into that. Loving your hair, I would be a "first-timer", quick questions: 1. how did you achieve the look in the front without the braiding or cronrow showing? I usually pull my hair back sometimes. 2. i have natural hair now - any suggestions for hair brands? I love the big full curls though- 3. anything important i really need to tell my sytlist in order to achieve my desired look? Hello Anonymous...My braids are close together in the very front. Also my hair had grown out some in these photos so that will help cover the parts. I like Freetress the tighter curl patterns in the line. Bigger full curs you can try the GoGo curl.. Waterwave also gives a chunkier curl look. Good luck! Hi Chan, how many pack of free tress did you use and did you cut it before installing? Ta Hello Beks! I used 2 bags and yes it was cut in half first. Hi Chan, your hair looks great. Please can you explain Hello Anonymous: S Braid.. Its been so long since I wrote this I had to remember why I used that description. Some people also refer to it as a snake braid up the back of your head. So part and braiding at the nape and then connecting the braid on the edges as you part and make your way up the back of your head. Anonymous cont'd does that make sense. I'm sure if you put the term into youtube it will pop up! Hello! I am a huge fan of your blog! I love crochet braids. I have installed them twice. However, I am having a problem with the knots slipping out, even after letting them soak in ACV & conditioner. I don't feel like the knots will hold while washing. Any tips? Is there a specific YouTube video you refer to? Does the Freetress brand offer a different Kanekalon/Toyokalon blend than other lines (I used Nori and Femi the last two times)? Hi! What length of hair did you use? Hello the length I can't recall.. I don't think its on the pack actually? Can't be any longer than 18 inches and I usually fold it in half before feeding through. Hello Anonymous aka Diane : )) .. I responded to your personal email on here. It helps if the knots are thin or small, if they are too thick the knots will not stay. I typically do a double loop and I double knot(one knot inside of the other sometimes referred to as surgical knot. I don't know much about the fiber differences between Synthetic fibers. I have only used Freetress. My knots have always been secure during washing. If yours are already slipping I can see where washing would be a concern. I have my first latch hook braid style. I love it, but I am having a hard time keeping it looking good. It's been in for about 6-1-14 and it's not looking so hot. How can I keep it from frizzing? I used hair with a tight curl pattern. Is it good to seperate to one into 2-3 or used as is? Hello anonymous AD, as for the frizz it's curly synthetic hair so that s going to happen at some point. But you can minimize it by not raking through the curls overly separating curls even natural curls will cause a lot of frizz. I separate the hair once before installing to give it a natural look. if soaked in water prior to separating it can minimize the friction. As pictured in the blog photos I use s curl no drip and or the BRX braid spray to help keep the hair tangle free and smooth.  Reference Reference


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