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Does Skin Tone Dictate Hair Color Choice?

HAIR COLOR IS A FIRM OF EXPRESSION AND FASHION. IN THE AFRICAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY IT'S A NECCESITY. WOMEN ARE BECOMING MORE BOLD IN THEIR COLOR CHOICES. SO CAN ALL SHADES OF BROWN WOMEN ROCK EVERY COLOR? WE ASKED THE FOLLOWERS OF THE FACEBOOK PAGE GEMS HAIR TALK AND THIS IS WHAT THEY HAD TO SAY. It actually looked better on Mary J. Ijs! Being light skin is only a privilege because your lighter not because you are better. Black men please educate your light skin daughters. I am so blessed to have a black strong mother, i feel that i would be lost without her. Black fathers need to stop believing that non-black mothers can teach your child what it is to be black or any other kid of color. It's impossible! This comment was diffenently mafe by a "black girl lost". If you have the confidence to rock it do so. Skin tone should not play a big role in deciding the color of your hair. It's up to the individual to know what compliments and enhances their beauty, and what doesn't. I think it depends on the hair style because if you have the right hair style then the hair color won't matter if your light skin or dark skin or pretty or ugly because if it's the right hair style in that color then it's always going to look good ijs. Slave mentality. These kind of attitudes are the ones that make young black girls feel like they have to look a certain way or be half naked in order to be pretty. This is the the kind of mentality that make young black girls feel "unpretty". That's why I teach my daughters not to let nobody define beauty for them. They are beautiful regardless because I said so! Smh. There are more important things that are affecting and plaguing the African American community. What someone's hair looks like and if they are rocking it or not and does it match their skin tone should not be an issue of discussion. We are the ONLY RACE WHOM HAS TONES OF ALL SHADES! Our hair is the most eccentric because our hair has copper components; this being the origin of knowing your roots phrase. Our hair stands on end because of theses components and is what lead our ancestors and theirs and so forth to say we are connected to this world in no way that is any other race. Lay down talking who looks best and uphold one another. Everyone has their own style let them be free to be them.
Every skin tone can wear various shades of hair color you just have to find the cool or warm tones that work well with the undertones of your skin. My hair is blue and has been purple, green, orange, blonde, red, brown, and black. Its all about finding what fits you. You have the wrong conception about life,let along about hair..and who can where it.. Your prejudice doesn't become you..wrong answer..granted some things you can get away with, but I still think no matter who you are, what's your skin color ,if you have the right mindset, attitude, confidence.myou can rock anything as you say..ijs. My Aunt Strawberry is a beautiful chocolate woman... And 365 days a year you see her with a 27 piece that can be between 2 or more shades of any color hair the hair store sells. Skin tone doesn't matter. I'm light complected and I don't feel like I look good in color. I love the way its looks on chocolate tho. Not true . im light skin and some colors dont look right on me. But ill tell u my real hair color is sandy brown and it took me until i was 30 to put color in my hair and it was my favorite color red. Now i only sport black hair. But hey to each its own. This is an opinion yes. Its also self hate. Saying light skinned can rock anything is not true. Dark skinned cant rock every color either. People need to open their minds and not be so close minded especially about their own race. If the hairstyle looks good I don't believe it matter what skin tone you are.. I believe its about quality, if your stylist did an amazing job then its gone look Good regardless!! Heck I see light skin girls looking crazy a lot due to the fact they believe they can rock anything, but hey to each its own!! The color just has to fit the individuals, I don't think reds, and crimson colors fit darker women, but yet the brighter red doesn't fit me, but burgundy, and crimson colors do, but I've seen colors on darker women that fit them, I guess it's the way you rock the color if you coordinate it with your clothing, or make up it really fits...everything is not for everybody. I think that's incorrect. If your bold enough for adding color then it will look good on any skin tone. I'm light and I love the color on chocolate, tan, Caramel, Mocha skin. We all are beautiful their are 50 shades of black. The fact is that every color does not go with every skin tone just like everybody can't wear the same shade of lipstick some colors looks ridiculous on others but that's besides the point it doesn't matter what color you want to put in your hair if that's what you want to do more power to you. I believe certain hair colors look good with certain skin tones. Same goes for make-up. But no matter what color a person chooses, as long as THEY like the way it looks on them, then nothing else matters. I feel like you can wear any color you want IT'S YOUR HAIR If you feel like being bright pink girl do it whatever color. But what's not okay is judging others for showing off their creativity no matter what color they are. I don't think it's the skin tone that matters. Some people can wear different colors and some can't; just like some can wear certain haircuts and some can't. I've seen plenty of dark skinned women with different color hair and they look gorgeous. To an extent but i definetley dont think light skin girls look good in every also just depends lile i know light skin girlswho look weird with colors period and i know a lot of dark skin girls who can pull off color...maybe not the entire head but ive had different colors in my hair like at the bottom or part of the bang and i killed it soo i have to say kinda sorta. I've seen purple and blue hair on dark skin women and they rocked it. It depends....not all lightskin women can rock just any color either. I've seen some in both shades and they were definitely wearing the color and then there were some, again in both shades that some colors were definitely not working for them. So I say find what works...and work it sisters! I feel as tho it looks better on Brown skin people some color be to light or to dark or light an darkskin people but it fits just right on brownskin. Well im dark skin n i wear what i want ...i have had blue hard purple hair n red burgundy n i look absolutely amazing with every color i have especially with the hottest hairstyle n gary. I agree..because they need the color..the same with makeup..whereas darker toned..color takes away from their natural beauty. I struggle because in the winter I'm a couple of shades from being "yellow" but in the warmer seasons I'm "honey brown" only color I believe suits me is boring black hair. This Dark Skin chic can and has Rocked color and get mad love while doing it , check out my profile pic , Real hair......#LoveColor A confident intelligent black woman rocks whatever color she want on whatever skin tone she is and dont care who likes it and if they dont like it on her skin tone its there problem not hers !!!!! SO THESE ARE THE THOUGHTS OF EVERYDAY WOMEN...WE AT GEMS HAIR TALKS SAYS DO YOU....  Reference Reference


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